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Modern Art Deco: the Bulova Corporate Center


The Bulova Corporate Center of Queens, NY (originally the Bulova Watch Company headquarters) was built in the early 1950’s in the art deco style. This was a place of business and watch manufacturing until the company vacated the premises in the 1980’s. Bulova itself was a landmark company in many ways during the first half of the 20th century. They innovated a new watch technology that did not require a spring wheel or winding. Accutron technology, as it was called, instead used a transistor chip that more accurately kept the time. After the 1970’s, however, Bulova watches started losing traction with its slow pace to adapt new technology for their products, and they were eventually sold and traded multiple times.

Renovations and Restoration

The mid 1980’s saw the Corporate Center’s renovation when it was converted into offices. Luckily, much of the building’s original art deco character was preserved, including wall murals, a foyer modeled after the inside of a clock, and the brunt of the original exterior. This project was headed by Blumenfeld Development Group, Ltd.

The Queens, NY Corporate Center Today

Today, the Bulova Corporate Center is still a center for corporate offices, but also includes lots of other features. An airy, open atrium greets guests when they walk in the doors, and the sound of water from indoor waterfall is so relaxing.  The Bulova Corporate Center is the home of prestigious companies such as:

  • The Port Authority of New York & NJ
  • New York Department of Corrections
  • Skanska
  • The Queens Chamber of Commerce
  • And more

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